InfoBites – new series!

Hey all!  This week I’m bringing you the newest series here on WorldEclectic – InfoBites!  Every Wednesday (hopefully!) I’ll be bringing you a tasty tidbit of news or information from the library or education world.

This week’s share is: “The Evolving, Expanding Service Landscape Across Academic Libraries,” an interesting reflection on the changing role of libraries and the services they offer by Brian Mathews, Associate Dean for Learning and Outreach at Virginia Tech.  This is from his blog, The Ubiquitous Librarian (which unfortunately is coming to an end in July) which features a interesting array of articles from the world of library sciences.  As he points out in the article, traditional reference queries at libraries have declined hugely in the past decade.  But does this prove that libraries are no longer valid resources for their communities?  How are libraries rewriting their roles in a world with a more information-literate public?  Check out the article to find out!