The Internet Library – Source #7 (Fact Monster)

Fact Monster



FactMonster is kid’s version of InfoPlease.  Currently run by Pearson Education, it’s chock full of dependable information cut down to kid’s size.  Featuring lots of “homework help” features and munchkin-level explanations, this is a great place for kids to start learning to do research on their own.  Also features an atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia.

InfoBites – new series!

Hey all!  This week I’m bringing you the newest series here on WorldEclectic – InfoBites!  Every Wednesday (hopefully!) I’ll be bringing you a tasty tidbit of news or information from the library or education world.

This week’s share is: “The Evolving, Expanding Service Landscape Across Academic Libraries,” an interesting reflection on the changing role of libraries and the services they offer by Brian Mathews, Associate Dean for Learning and Outreach at Virginia Tech.  This is from his blog, The Ubiquitous Librarian (which unfortunately is coming to an end in July) which features a interesting array of articles from the world of library sciences.  As he points out in the article, traditional reference queries at libraries have declined hugely in the past decade.  But does this prove that libraries are no longer valid resources for their communities?  How are libraries rewriting their roles in a world with a more information-literate public?  Check out the article to find out!

The Internet Library – Source #6 (InfoPlease)




InfoPlease is a great, free, internet-based almanac with a plethora of quality information about almost anything you can think of!  Run by Pearson Education (of textbook-publishing fame), it has an atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, “Day in History” page, and even a few more nifty tools like the periodic table and conversion tools.  It’s truly a one-stop-shop for information!  The clean layout and well-designed separation of sections makes finding your topic a snap.  If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere!  A great place to start your research.

The Internet Library – Source #5 (The Old Farmer’s Almanac)

2015-old-farmers-almanac-Me jpgThe Old Farmer’s Almanac

Now that spring (or maybe early summer, considering the temperatures this past week!) has finally arrived and all of my plants are in the ground, it’s time for serious consideration of all things garden!  One of my favorite sources at this time of year is The Old Farmer’s Almanac.  While I always purchase a print copy at my local hardware store, the online version is also fantastic!

Continually published since Robert Bailey Thomas created the first issue in 1792, the Old Farmer’s Almanac is America’s longest continually published periodical.  The new print edition comes out every September, but the website is continually updated with interesting and up-to-date tidbits on all things astronomical, meteorological, culinary, and agricultural, with a “pleasant degree of humor,” as they say on the website.

The home page has a fun variety of information including various “…. of the Day” tidbits (ex: Question of the Day, Advice of the Day, etc.), weather and moon phase information, and a calendar.  The website is divided into more specific sections, there are pages dedicated to weather, moon/astronomy, gardening, best days, cooking and recipes, home/health, community, and their store.  Each contains a wealth of free information and folklore that gives you the same feeling as picking the brain of your crusty, if extremely knowledgeable, country grand-uncle.

Monday Movie Madness!

Happy Monday all!  Hope you’re enjoying the spring so far… unfortunately, it’s Monday so no-one is outside enjoying the lovely temperatures.  Here are a few videos that have been bouncing around my head to bring a little fun to your day ^_^

1)  Taylor Mali’s “The The Impotence of Proofreading” –> I love this man.  Not only does he make poetry sexy and relevant, he talks about some of my favorite topics (proofreading, teaching, English language).  This video is a fantastic slam poem about what happens when you don’t check your work.  If you like that, make sure to check out my other all-time favorite of his, “What Teachers Make“.

2)  This Korean pop video called “Roly-Poly” by the band T-ARA.  So.  Darn.  Catchy.  O_O;;;

3)  Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey play “Wheel of Impressions…” need I say more??